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Observation Rai Juman

The tree name is Rai Juman and there are 3 same trees in the campus. Rai Juman is medium sized tree and it’s nearly evergreen. Also, the leaves are smooth and the bark is flaky and it is palegrey-brown.

 2016.02.08 – the first time I took a photo of it.  

    2016.02.13 – new leaf was growing 

  2016.02.23 – there was some leaf falling and it got more leaf  




My Science Lab Project – Reflection

In this Assesment, I wanted to show my understanding about motion and speed. 

Also, I learned about acceleration, constant speed. I didn’t know what was acceleration was, but now I know really many about it. For example, I learned that has acceleration in the graph is suddenly going high because it’s accelerating.

I didn’t had many challenge in this project. Because I think it was pretty easy to do it.

I will do the steps differently when I do the next experiment because this experiment our group just started to do the project and not planning what to do so I will plan first at the next experiment.