Finding What You Want to Do is IMPORTANT

Ga Young Park

I think there were times that you have got a pressure from your parents that you have to go to good university or get good grades or get a good job.

Similar to you, in the book, ‘Good Enough’, written by Paula Yoon, Patti gets a pressure to her parents that she has to get good SATs scores and good GPA so that she can go into good college. This book tells a story about American-Korean girl named Patti, who finds out what she really wants to do in her life, not her parent’s. Patti likes to play violin, but she is also good at studying. She thinks violin was just a hobby, but when her violin teacher, Mr. Mishkind, gives her the application to Juilliard, she thinks about it, but she got scared what will her parents do if she does that. Because her parent think musicians, playing music for the rest of the life, is risky, they put pressure on her to go to Ivy League.

The theme of this book is ‘Finding what you really want to do is important in your life.’ I know and you know that we can’t really live our life doing what we really want to do because most of the people wants the successful life, however, before you do what makes your life successful, you have to find what you really want to do. 

On page 99, it stated, “I wonder: If I get into HARVARDYALEPRINCETON and quit studying the violin, will I still be happy?” This shows how she was wondering if she would be happy without the violin. She first started the violin for a hobby, but her teacher recommend her to apply in Juilliard, but she doesn’t feel like doing it because her parents thinks music is risky. However, it isn’t her parent’s life, it’s her life so she has to choose rather to apply or not. Let’s say she did what her parents told her to do, but will she be happy? I don’t think so because the quote is showing how she is wondering if she would be happy or not. Getting jobs that pays you enough for livings will make your future good and safe, but how about right now? Isn’t ‘right now’ the most important? There will be someday that you will regret for the choice that you made, but I think if you were good about the choice that you made at that time, then it will be all fine. You only live once and doing what other people says to you isn’t the most important thing, doing what you want to do is the most important thing. 

Also, on page 152, Ben asks her what she likes to do or what makes her happy, and she replies she loves playing the violin and music make her happy, but it’s not about what she wants or makes her happy, it’s about doing what’s right. And she also said that getting A’s makes her happy. When I read this page, I thought ‘What does mean by doing what’s right?’ What’s right and what’s wrong? There is no answer for this question. How do we know about what’s wrong and what’s right about the choice we make? For someone, going into good university will make them happy and they think they are doing right, but on the other hand, for someone, music or sports will make the happy and think it’s a right thing. Everyone has every other perspective to everything. So even though you find things that you want to do isn’t the right thing for the others, but for you, it has to be a right thing. Because that is the thing that you want to do and while doing that, it makes you happy.

On page 218, Patti said, “I feel safe when I play the violin. Everything disappears, and all that matters is the music.” I am sure that you had times when you do things that you really like for example, sports, playing instruments, playing games, etc. How did you feel when you do something that you like? 

To me, basketball is like playing violin for Patti I feel that I am the only one and I am really into it. I can’t think of anything else. Even though I am stressful about the homework and school stuffs, when I start playing basketball, I can’t think of it. 

As me, Patti has a time when she feels this and that moment is when she plays the violin. She knows what she likes, but she doesn’t think about doing that as her job or in her future plan because her parents told her that music is risky and they want her to get a job. Also, on page 219, Jane Bright who is the interviewer, she said, “For myself … I’m in no hurry, though. I’ve got all the time in the world.” She planned on med school after graduation, but she changed her mind to go to Juilliard. But now she’s thinking about going to medical school for herself not for her parents.

Patti has to do something that she likes and she has to do.

Overall, the major theme of this book is ‘Finding what you really want to do is the most important thing’. There will be a time when you have to make a decision, but when that situation comes, choose the one that you want more. Your choice might be wrong or right. Nobody knows. There might be wrong choice, but that’s okay because you have all the time in the world. 

Because you only live once, I think you should do what you like to do. What will you do if the doctor says that you will die tomorrow? Will you do what your parents says to you? For me, it will be ‘no’. If I have only one day to live, I think want to do what I like and feel happy when I do it. Like this, you also have only one chance to live, which means you only live once, I think people have to do what they want to do and feel happy when they does it. So because of this, I think finding what you really want to do is important.

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