Math Reflection

Reflection: Your blog reflection should address all of the questions below. Consider the questions and then transfer the information onto your blog. ______________________________________________________________________

Looking at the process, describe why you choose to do what you did in the particular order and what connections are made between each step?

When we do equation first you can put any numbers and make a table and next, you can make a scenario that fit with the equation and table.

List the steps that you complete first in the blank.

Table: 2

Equation: 1

Scenario (contextual situation): 3

What was your reasoning for doing the eqution (table, equation, or scenario) first?

I did equation first because it was more easier to find what is the equation and after I make equation I can just put any numbers and make a table. And it is hard to make a table without knowing the equation.

How did what you did first, help you with what you did second? Describe the connections from the first to the second thing that you did.

After I made equation, I can put any number and make a table. Also, if I don’t know the equation, I can’t make a table.

What did you fill out next? How did this help you with your last step? Describe the connections from the first to the second thing that you did.

After making a table I can see how the graph is going so I can make a scenario that fits the graph.

Choose a data point on each of the graphs (non- intercept) and describe the contextual representation.

Blue Line             Green Line
point (30,20)      point (30,-20)

Overall, compare and contrast the two lines:

Similarities: It is going constant
It has x intercept and y intercept
The point that the two lines meet is (30,0)

Differences: Their y intercepts are different
Blue line is decreasing and green line is increasing

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