Monthly Archives: February 2016

Observation Rai Juman

The tree name is Rai Juman and there are 3 same trees in the campus. Rai Juman is medium sized tree and it’s nearly evergreen. Also, the leaves are smooth and the bark is flaky and it is palegrey-brown.

 2016.02.08 – the first time I took a photo of it.  

    2016.02.13 – new leaf was growing 

  2016.02.23 – there was some leaf falling and it got more leaf  




Learning habits

Respectful – consistently,  I gave me consistently because  I think I am respectful in my learning also to my friends and teacher.

Responsible- consistently, I gave me consistently because I come prepared to class. Also I do my work on time.

Perseverance – usually, I gave me usually because I think am giving my best effort in my project usually

Collaborative – consistently because in science when i do group project, I work with them well and I have been improved in this category 

Stairing at AES

Rank the three staircases in order, least steep to the steepest. Show your thinking, identify what information that was used to come up with your conclusion, and to relate/support the information for all the staircases.

Art staircase ,2nd floor end of the hallway stair, Highschool garden staircase 

Art stair case goes constantly by height 14.5 and length 39.5 but 2nd floor staircase is going constantly by height 15 and length 29.5  and lastly Highschool garden staircase is going constant by height 15 and length 15.7 so I choose the order this way.