Humanities reading reflection

Name: Ga young


Reflections on my English language learning : Reading


  How many books have you read this quarter? What genre were they? What reading level were they? 

I have finished my first book and I started the new book yesterday. The first one was romance and now I am reading is realistic fiction. The reading level is just right for me.
What has been your favorite book that you have read so far this year? Why? 

My favorite book that I have read so far is ‘Me before you’, because it was the first time I read a romance book and it was fun but also a sad book and I like how the author really expressed really well of the character’s emotion.


How have you used your reading response log to write about your thinking about reading? 

     I have been summarizing the story what I read that day and wrote my feeling about the story what I read.

Copy and paste a sample of your first and most recent reading response entry below. Now, please compare them. What are you doing now with your responses that you were not doing before? 

First entry

Recent entry

I think it came more specific and more inferences and expressing my feelings.
What are some close reading strategies do you use when you read? How do they help you? What other classes can you use these strategies in? Give a specific example. 

Searching for the word that I don’t know. This helps me to build up more vocabulary to me, because if I don’t know the words and just skip it, I wouldn’t know if that word comes out again. Also, this strategies can help in science class about the term that I use in the unit.

What are you proud of with your reading? 

By the strategies that I used made me know more words. So I am proud of building new vocabulary words.        

What do you think you need to work on with your reading next semester? (be specific; give an example if you can): 

Note taking. Because I am not really doing enough of taking notes during the reading. For example when I note take I can express my feeling well and it could be easier to understand the book. So I want to work in that section.

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